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Hi Spirited Women,

These are painfully difficult times for event organisers and indeed you the participants.

We would like to thank all those who have communicated their thoughts and provided us with feedback over the past few days. We are passionate about our event and our participants and are driven solely by the desire to put on an event that provides you all with an opportunity to be Spirited Women. Please understand that we do not take any of these decisions lightly.

Since our announcement that went out to our 2022 CHB entrants last Thursday, we have been monitoring the situation, taking stock of new information, and assessing our decision daily. Developments over the past few days have made it even more difficult for us to deliver our events practically and safely, and even more difficult for you the participants to get to our events.

We have pushed and pushed but we can push no longer, and it seems that the stars are not aligning. It is with much disappointment that we must announce the postponement of both the Summer 2022 Central Hawkes Bay and Wanaka Spirited Women events.

We have a huge amount of work ahead of us. Whilst we have given an indication to you all that we will reschedule in Spring, we will not reschedule whilst COVID is still having a significant impact on the events world. It is our intention to provide you with a date when we feel 100 per cent confident that we can deliver a Spirited Women event to you, to the standard that you are all accustomed to. We know this is less than ideal however, we will give you all at least 3 months’ notice of the new event dates so you can all get your heads back in the game.

All current Central Hawkes Bay and Wanaka team entries will be automatically transferred to the future event dates.  No refunds are available. If one or more team members are unable to make the new event date (when announced), then they can be replaced. If an entire team is unable to make the new event date (when announced), then the team can privately on-sell their entry.

If your team withdrew after the Government’s announcement at 11 am on Sunday 23rd of January 2022 that the entire country was going to move Red on the Covid Protection Framework, we will give your team until Friday 25th February 2022 to re-sign-up for the event for the same sum we refunded you. Please email debbie@dare2sweatevents to action this. If your team withdrew prior to this date, then you will need to accept your decision at the time.

To conclude, we ask for some time and space from everyone, so we can work through this postponement, get our breath back and refocus. The event is nothing without all its staff who have been working under immense pressure behind the scenes the last few weeks, so they are our number one priority.

We appreciate your understanding and are truly gutted to be making this announcement.

Sincerely…Neil, Kat, Debbie & the entire event delivery team from Dare2Sweat Events.


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